Cytrellis Advanced Clinical Learnings

Aesthetics | 06.05.2023

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Cutera - Educational Webinars and Online Events

Aesthetics | 10.10.2021

Explore more about Cutera’s products and procedures with our educational webinars and online events – featuring business leaders, industry experts, and Cutera partners.

Science and Clinical Applications of Defenage featuring Amy Forman Taub, MD, FAAD

Aesthetics | Length 00:17:00 | 10.01.2020

Dermatologist, Amy Forman Taub, MD, explains the research and clinical studies behind defensin molecules and why she recommends DefenAge’s 3-piece skin care regimen to her patients. Learn how to get the maximum from anti-aging DefenAge for noticeable skin rejuvenation. This talk was presented at the SCALE 2020 Conference. For more information, visit

Anatomy for the Safe Use of Injectables featuring Sebastian Cotofana, MD, PhD

Aesthetics | Length 00:17:00 | 03.25.2020

This lecture was part of the Injectable Afternoon presented on 11/2/2019 at the 2019 Global Aesthetics Conference in Miami, FL. Dr. Cotofana was Associate Professor at Albany Medical College in Albany, NY and is currently Associate Professor of Anatomy at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

Recent Advices in Optimizing Fat Purification to Ensure Optimal Outcomes for Face & Body Transfer

Aesthetics | Length 00:20:00 | 03.10.2020

Traditional processing methods for fat transfer, such as decanting and centrifugation, may result in inconsistent results due to the lack of long-term survival of the injected fat. Recent advances of fat purification and filtration prior to injection have been demonstrated to result in enhanced longevity and more predictable outcomes by eliminating lipid oils and blood cells that may negatively affect the viability of the fat graft. Dr. Miles Graivier will present recent scientific and clinical data demonstrating the improved processing and viability of fat in transfer procedures.

Shockwave Therapy featuring Judson Brandeis, MD

Aesthetics | Length 00:30:00 | 11.02.2019

This lecture was part of the program, Energy-Based Devices & Injectable Treatments for Improving Male & Female Intimate Wellness, presented on Saturday, January 19, 2019. Judson Brandeis, MD reviews the use of shockwave therapy for male intimate wellness.